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The most important goal of our early childhood curriculum is to prepare children for Kindergarten socially, physically and emotionally through the use of a Creative Curriculum. This means encouraging children to be active and creative explorers who are not afraid to try out their ideas and to think their own thoughts successfully.


We follow the Virginia Milestones for Child Development, Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning Comprehensive Standards for 4 year olds and utilize the Virginia Beach Kindergarten Transition Checklist to ensure children are ready for Kindergarten and beyond.

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In the first year of life infants naturally learn and discover an incredible amount of information. Everything from movement and body control, to learning that the world is a place he or she can trust, to communication, is foundationally formed at this time.


We provide your baby with space to move, someone to sing and talk to them and an essential sense of trust and communication.​



Toddlers are loveable and challenging little people, as they discover and start to assert their individuality. Your child will be given enough space to spread their wings, but boundaries to keep them safe as they eagerly exercise their new skills and powers, and their desire to be contrary and amenable at the same time.


2's and 3's

2's and 3's are marked by increasing independence and the word "no!".  Children respond to rituals and routine, but not in a hurried manner or beyond their capabilities.  By 3 they are becoming interested in preschool activities like building, creating and storytelling.


Positive reinforcement, encouragement, and praise as behavior management techniques are quite successful at this age that wants to please and do things right.

PRESCHOOL - 4's and 5's

4's and 5's are developing their sense of humor, learning about sharing and telling the truth. Increasingly independent, they still require firm boundaries and routinte.  By 5 children love to practice writing letters and numbers.  They can complete tasks and are learning to delegate to others.


At the end of this year your child will be prepared for Kindergarten!



All ages (6 wks. to 12 yrs.) are welcome in our Summer Program.  We provide trips to Norfolk Zoo, the Fun Bus and the Bookmobile.


Your child's learning and development never ends, but summer is fun time!


Twin Canal Childcare

We offer before and after school care to children under 5 years and 11 months old.  Parkway Elementary School and Glenwood Elementary School provide school bus transportation to our childcare center.



Twin Canal Childcare

We offer flexible Drop in Childcare for families that need periodic care based on available slots.  Please call to schedule and your child would have to follow our new student registration process. 



Additionally, our curriculum identifies goals in all areas of early childhood development.




Social Development:

  • Getting along in Groups

  • Learning responsible behavior (such as sharing)

  • Expressing feelings appropriately

  • Respecting others


Emotional Development:

  • Promoting positive self image & self-confidence

  • Fostering cooperation

  • Developing independence, initiative and trust

  • Experiencing art, music, drama and dance

  • Developing independence and self-control


Cognitive Development:

  • Providing experiences with math and science

  • Promoting curiosity about the world by encouraging observation, exploration and experimentation

  • Building reading and writing skills

  • Fostering imagination and creativity

  • Language development

  • Listening, speaking, following directions

  • Learning numbers, relational concepts and classification skills

  • leading to problem solving


Physical Development:

  • Developing large and small muscle skills

  • Increasing body awareness

  • Improving eye-hand coordination

  • Exploring rhythm and movement

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